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Through this website I hope to generate such a sense of trust in the possibilities of Ancestral Healing that enough individuals will awaken and choose to play their part - to turn the tide of ultimate catastrophe that threatens our beautiful blue planet and, instead, return to joy.

We are not separate. We each exist as intrinsic parts of the Cosmic Hologram, so we each CAN make a difference.

Let’s do it!

An Evolutionary Process
for Integrated Healing

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Bountiful TreeThe Bountiful Tree, by Lyn Constable Maxwell MRBS
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Therapeutic work click here

Ordinary consciousness and political negotiations alone will never be sufficient – but if we journey in imaginal reality and make healing progress at sufficient depth – working as ‘practical mystics’ – then the possibility of  arriving in the joyful ‘Wildwoods’ of the Real, incarnated here on Earth, would be greatly enhanced.

Paradise Lost CAN become Paradise Regained

Read on to discover how you can play your part..........

Moving from Personal
to the Universal.

Table of contents

Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move:
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart spring.

Thank God our time is now, when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.

By Christopher Fry,
from ‘A Sleep of Prisoners’

Affairs are now soul size.
The Enterprise
Is exploration into God.
What are you waiting for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity’s sake!

---------- OVERVIEW --------

This is not an all-singing, all-dancing website!
No cartoons or jazzy graphics...

It is one that will demand attention and discrimination of its readers.
It is as simple and helpful as I can make it but simplistic is not the answer
It is ‘simplistic’ that has brought the world to the edge of disaster.

My argument builds as it develops
Don’t jump in towards the end and expect to understand it.
For a first reading, my advice is to read it through from beginning to end,
like a book, to grasp the whole before concentrating on particular parts.

Then any contribution you make will be targeted and intentional

It is not just an entertainment, or designed for an easy read,
but presented for the most important of all purposes –
to make a contribution to the healing of humanity and the planet.

I hope that this will be read by people experienced in soul work
as well as by interested newcomers to spiritual work:
that you will find one another and begin to work together
 if my ideas resonate with you.
I am happy to be part of the process of putting you in touch
 with one another if you wish.
I hope that those who find reading difficult will be helped to participate in this work by those who find it easy.
Please help one another.

If English is not your first language – please feel free to translate what I say into your own language to share it.

I have designed each page so that any section can be printed out
to make it easily useful.
You are free to compile your own dossier of useful pieces
even without signing on as a member of the
Worldwide Ancestral Healing Register

The important thing is that the work gets done

Play your unique part in helping to heal the multiple traumas of human history, starting from wherever you are.

Become a conscious participant in the ‘Dream of the Cosmos’

Help to consummate the Sacred Union of the undistorted Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
so that Paradise Lost may be Regained on this miraculous planet.

Let us play our part as Sacred Activists – offering something distinctive to our all-but-terminally-challenged world.

So – time to settle down and pay full attention....do read on....


The Bountiful Tree, by Lyn Constable Maxwell MRBS

The Gist of the 'Cunning Plan'  

Widespread is a sense that we live at a critical time
when the future of the Earth and humanity hang in the balance.

Human history has left the energies of the Earth – multidimensional though they are – clogged and obstructed by negativities and losses wherever we turn. It is very easy to be overwhelmed – the roots of conflicts are tangled and deep – and generations of dealing with them have generated multiple layers of negativities. Since intensities of emotion – loving attachment, grief, fear, anger and guilt – are complicatedly woven into each layer, and on-going attempts to deal with them, though often well-intentioned, have frequently generated even further problems rather than resolving them.

Is there anything we can do to help? 
Maybe – I do have a Cunning Plan!

Safe passage
For generations in the West, there has been neglect of Ancestors as people to be kept in touch with, to be helped by and, when necessary, healed. Hand in hand with this neglect has been abandonment of spiritual understanding around death, especially the consequences of traumatic and/or violent deaths – of which there has been a multitude. Indigenous cultures on every continent have had rituals and practices to facilitate the safe passage of the departed after death, to ensure that unhappy spirits, ancestral or otherwise, did not linger close to the living, influencing them in debilitating ways.

Intimate connection
Malidoma Some, an initiated Shaman from West Africa, has said :- ‘It is my belief that the present state of restlessness that traps the modern individual has its roots in a dysfunctional relationship with the ancestors. In many non-Western cultures, the ancestors have an intimate and absolutely vital connection with the world of the living. They are always available to guide, teach, and to nurture.....Unless the relationship between the living and the dead is in balance, chaos results...If an imbalance exists, it is the duty of the living to heal their ancestors. If these ancestors are not healed, their sick energy will haunt the souls and psyches of those who are responsible for healing them.’

Historical injustice
If this has been true at a personal and family level, how much more debilitating has it been at a collective level?  Instead of learning from the example of indigenous people – often living in sustainable harmony with their natural surroundings as well as performing rituals of connection with those in Spirit - Westerners embarked on a relationship of violent conquest, displacement and dispossession that lasted for centuries. The ‘nightmare of history’ has involved devastating wars and genocide, imperialism, colonialism and slavery, forced migrations and exiles, persecutions and victimisation – in fact unbridled abuse of many kinds, with the voices of Love and Wisdom that spiritual teachings might have provided being drowned out by those of Power and Control.

Psychic weight
‘Injustice, inequality and prejudice’ seem to have won the day...so that the Anima Mundi, The World Soul, is deeply and complicatedly sick. Anyone with even a small degree of spiritual awareness is affected by the enormous psychic weight of these accumulated residues – aren’t we then under some kind of obligation, if we possibly can, to become part of an unprecedented kind of cleanup act?! This is what I hope to inspire you to contribute to........

There are several things which give me more than a glimmer of optimism about this possibility. One is the great influence that a tsunami of spiritual teaching from a variety of sources has had on the world in recent decades. The exile of the Dalai Lama from Tibet has resulted in him being recognised – and revered - throughout the world, and Buddhist teachings, particularly wisdom about death, has been very widely disseminated. Meditation and mindfulness practices are now widespread. Shamanic teaching, too, has emerged from its fastnesses amongst beleaguered survivors – in North and South America, in Africa, in Australia, in Siberia, in the Himalayas and other parts of Asia, in Celtic Europe – so that many people have become experienced at soul-journeying in altered states.

And depth psychology, particularly of a transpersonal nature, has been profoundly experiential for many people, so that they have felt empowered to understand from a place of gnosis rather than by instruction in what to believe. Regression work can make a special contribution in this respect, as can Holotropic Breathwork, Constellation work and various kinds of Bodywork. Jungian Active Imagination, Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis and Moreno’s Psychodrama can be combined with regression, as in the synthesis called Deep Memory Process, which was developed by Roger Woolger. There is also a growing awareness of crucial contributions to healing that can be made by sound/music, colour and light.

Spiritual Explorations
Alongside such experiential spiritual explorations, it has also been possible to study the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, channelled by Alice Bailey in the first half of the 20th century. Unless you have several lifetimes to spare (these are dense and difficult to study) you could not do better than to have them lucidly interpreted for you by William Meader – see his website – www.emergentlight.com  He identifies the purpose of the Soul as being to creatively express its Love and Wisdom in support of Humanity’s betterment and he gives very detailed guidance and help in doing so effectively. This is principally in the conscious building of Higher Mind – through loving service, specific kinds of constructive meditation and, eventually, by building such a strong bridge to levels of consciousness far above the ‘ordinary’ that one can intuitively receive direct inspiration from above. Times of crisis such as the present are especially rich in transformational opportunities.

Further links to Ageless Wisdom Teachings
If, in fact, you are not daunted by the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, but actually find them truly inspiring in a way that makes you want to track down more, I highly recommend the comprehensive website www.soulfulconnections.uk You will find it a veritable yellow pages of teachings and teachers and websites on this rich subject.

The time is right.
My second reason for optimism is that I sense the time is right. For a long time, challenges to the status quo were inclined to meet with cover-ups and a backlash so that it was extremely difficult to change anything or to make healing progress. But we do now seem to be in an era of uncovering the cover-ups. After decades of denied sexual abuse, for example, the ways that powerful figures – in churches as well as in secular society - have used their influence to get away with misdemeanours, is now unravelling, and levels of institutional complicity are becoming clear. Truth does now seem to be struggling its way to the forefront and the multidimensional consequences of Power calling the shots rather than Love, Wisdom and Truth can now be more clearly seen and are being questioned.

There have also been remarkable readjustments in many parts of the world in the relative positions of men and women – so that age-old inequalities are at last moving into rather better balance. After centuries of backlash, demonization and scape-goating imposed by patriarchal systems on any who questioned male supremacy, such attitudes are now being successfully challenged, often as much by men as by women, so that those who are ‘unreconstructed’ now look, at last, to be shamefully out of date and old-fashioned. There is still a great way to go – ‘’The War on Women – And the Brave ones who Fight Back’ by Sue Lloyd-Roberts is, sadly, quite a recent book, but the impetus does now seem to be unstoppable. Recently in Britain, even the venerable radio soap, ‘The Archers’ has performed a valuable service in dramatically ‘analysing’ the intricacies of coercive control!

And we are currently (November 2017) in the throes of uncovering the extent and nature of pressure exerted on ambitious but comparatively ‘powerless’ creative young women trying to make their way in the arts, by such as Harvey Weinstein and his ilk – even in an era supposedly noted for advancing feminism.

Thirdly, there is already a huge and growing interest in family history and genealogy. From the evidence of the ‘Who do you think you are?’ programmes, it would be a small step to moving from tracking family history just in terms of story to doing it from an Ancestral Healing perspective such as I shall describe. Anyone who has watched these programmes will have seen that it happens spontaneously, to the surprise and sometimes consternation of those whose story it is!  Frequently there is an emotional reaction to making contact apparently quite out of proportion to anything that was expected. Who can forget the wholly self-possessed and capable Jeremy Paxton being reduced to tears, and many expressions of delight have been witnessed when evidence of similar tastes, talents or occupations are uncovered. And the healing compassion elicited when lives of difficulty are learned about – even although they may have been over a century before! – is an indication of the power of the process that anyone can grasp. No surprise in this to someone accustomed to Ancestral Healing.

Detective work
Yet another cause for optimism is the existence of the Internet, which might just make my Cunning Plan possible.........Not only does it make genealogical detective work feasible even if you are living at some distance from your roots but also, in this website I shall be providing, I hope, a clear programme so that even beginners to such work can embark on working with ancestors who might be impinging on them at a personal level – to the mutual advantage of both - but moving in graduated but manageable steps to work of considerably wider reach.

Even, ultimately, to Worldwide Ancestral Healing.......why not?

Light and Love
And in addition to the invaluable clearing of ancient negative energies, you will have, at the same time, the opportunity to build progressively, not only Higher Mind, but also awareness of the Subtle Body – partly by being initiated into, then having access to, and eventually being able deliberately to draw on, progressively higher spheres of Light and Love. As your capacity to do this increases, you will come to an experiential understanding of Subtle Bodies – as so nicely and simply outlined in ‘The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in the Western Tradition’ by GRS Mead. He identifies, in succession, The Spirit-body, the Radiant Body, and the Resurrection Body.

To experience and understand these would, I suggest, be a very worthy mission for any lifetime.

The Cosmic Hologram
Finally, and for what may well be the clincher for very many people, the most up-to-date and highly respected science is now claiming support for much that mystical spiritual teachers – whatever their language or tradition - have known all along!  Eminent physicist and cosmologist Jude Currivan has recently published ‘The Cosmic Hologram’. In it, she lucidly demonstrates how ‘consciousness connects us to the many interconnected layers of universal in-formation, making us both manifestations and co-creators of the cosmic hologram of reality’.

Her resounding conclusion is that
Reality IS Information, Mind IS Matter, and
Consciousness Isn’t Something We Have, It’s What We and the Whole World ARE.’

Click here for further information about her book and website.
and Ubiquity University Online Course.

Manifestations in time
These statements are precisely what enables us to make scientific sense of the process I’ve been involved in developing experientially these last two decades. By re-visiting particular ‘manifestations in time’ – i.e.past-life or ancestor embodiments – we can either perform re-assembly of wholeness for those who have been fragmented by trauma, or enter a process to remember but forgive, behaviour that was sanctioned at the time but in the light of evolutionary soul development since, would now be seen as regrettable. In this way we become ‘co-creators’ of the future, working with ‘ourselves’ (!) to redeem our own regrettable pasts. In the evolutionary scheme of things, ‘every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.’

Depending on what experience you bring to the work, I invite you to embark at the level which seems to you appropriate. Detailed guidance will be given for each level.

Level 1 – Beginner Level

Personal work with remembered or researched ancestors for mutual healing

Level 2 – Intermediate Level A

Deeper work engaging with collective rather than personal history – initially from a victim level with which it will be relatively easy to sympathise for a person of compassion and goodwill.

Level 3 – Intermediate Level B

More complex work at a collective level in which Shadow aspects – quite often, but not always, unconscious – are recognised, acknowledged, and taken responsibility for.

Level 4 – Advanced Level

Elective work on behalf of humanity – where you are drawn to focus on places where difficulties seem to be particularly dense and intractable – to tease out healing potentials which have eluded all best intentions so far.



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