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As I write it is Fri 20th January 2017, the day of America’s presidential inauguration –
by the end of today Donald Trump will be president.

I spent yesterday evening poring over, reading invitation after invitation from all corners of the world – come march with us to show solidarity with those in Washington D.C. who are demonstrating that they will not accept injustice, inequality or prejudice – enough is enough!

Invitations from Riyadh and Reykjavik, Krakow and New Zealand, Saskatoon and Cuenca etc etc – jostled for attention with those from all over the US and the UK.

How wonderful that Trump’s pronouncements have triggered such a miraculous
reaction – hasn’t he done well?! So – do I speed off today to join a march and
demonstrate solidarity?

I am certainly tempted – wearing a Pussyhat and practising yelling in Amsterdam
is quite a draw – but no. My plan for today was seriously to get down to two things:

1. Planning a presentation to be given at a Soul-voyagers Network One -day
Conference on the 26th of March, and...

2. Developing my Ancestral Wildwoods website – so that is what I shall do.

We all have our unique ways of marching in solidarity and this is mine, and I don’t have to physically march to wear my Pussyhat, I can wear it sitting at my desk at home!If you are now looking at my website I think it will have been the right decision.

Here is a collection of slogans compiled from those carried in different parts of the world by women demonstrating on the 21st of Jan 2017. I can relate to these.......

Personal Introduction

Although Scottish by birth and ancestry, I have been living for most of my life in a small country town in Wessex UK, with my lifelong partner and husband.. We have two grown children and three grand-daughters.

Having stayed in the same house, and cultivated the same garden, all these years, this side of my life demonstrates qualities of steadiness and staying put! Belonging to quite a large, and certainly a close family, and having many good friends, I feel very fortunate, and appreciative of my life.

I share with my husband a deep love of music, having met him playing in orchestras in our teens; we also share an abiding interest in literature of all kinds. Our home is furnished mainly with books!

That is not the whole story however – I do have a more adventurous ‘travelling’ side, and have undertaken many intrepid journeys, both in the outer world and the inner. Such journeys have frequently involved challenge, risk-taking and courage.

With my husband, I also share a love of wild-life, particularly birds, and have done much travelling to explore wild places world-wide. The Bird List currently exceeds 5000 species! And there are plenty more on the bucket list......

Inner journeys – in terms of depth psychology – have been even more of a roller-coaster! Having taught English Language and Literature while my children were growing up, I re-trained and become fully accredited as a Humanistic and Transpersonal Counsellor and Psychotherapist in mid-life,  I continue to develop my passion for understanding advanced and subtle aspects of consciousness and for helping others to do so.

In studying Past-Life and Spirit Release work I learned that, though there are ordinary states of consciousness, there is also a whole range of non-ordinary states, which can give one access to greatly enhanced experiences and capacities. My main teacher was a leading international pioneer of such work, Roger Woolger, but I complemented his teaching with very wide reading and many additional workshops

Inspired by what I learned of Transpersonal Psychology
and its potential for Sacred Activism of many kinds,
I helped to establish the Soul-voyagers Network
which is now in its sixth year.


For a more detailed description of my spiritual evolution,
see the following article on my evolution
into an Ancestral Worker –

See Soul voyaging with a purpose

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