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Ancestral Wildwoods Multidimensional Ancestral Healing
Jen Kershaw


Level Two – Beyond the ‘Personal’ :

Intermediate A : Clearing ‘Victim’ Consciousness

Ancestral healing to clear group residues
from ‘the Nightmare of History’


Healing : D.H.Lawrence
I am not a mechanism, and assembly of various sections
And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly that I am ill.
I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self,
And the wounds to the soul take a long, long time. Only time can help,
And patience, and a certain difficult repentance,
Long difficult repentance, realisation of life’s mistake, and freeing oneself
From the endless repetition of the mistake
Which mankind at large has chosen to sanctify


A reminder of William Faulkner 

The past is never dead. It’s not even past. 
All of us labour in webs spun long before we were born, 
webs of heredity and environment, of desire and consequence, 
of history and eternity.... echoing down the generations....
Some of us feel it always.


Winners and Losers
Despite the caring and soulful teachings of all the faith traditions, world history for millennia has actually been acted out largely in terms of conflicts and fighting, resulting in ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ – with the ‘winners’ writing the history, celebrating and justifying their ‘triumphs’, and the ‘losers’ being haunted by their ‘defeats’.

Considering what we now know about the splitting and dissociative consequences of trauma, it is hardly surprising that it has been so hard to heal the resulting dysfunctions since, if one has been traumatised by overwhelming violence, whether mental, emotional or physical, and particularly if sexual abuse has been perpetrated, one’s reactions have been subsequently so compromised that it does take exceptionally subtle and sophisticated techniques to deal effectively with them, and anyone with only a superficial grasp of the problem is likely to sit in judgement and condemn.


In contrast, exceptional spiritual qualities of patience, love and forgiveness are required if there is to be any chance of real healing. With faith traditions not only fighting one another with extreme ferocity, but also being divided within themselves, there has been little chance of that!

Encumbered by the energy of unexpressed emotions?

In addition, with only limited awareness of the necessity of energetic clearing of the residual emotions generated in these situations – and Buddhist teaching has revealed that the attitudes, thoughts and feelings at the time of death become intensified ten times over when not identified and cleared – it is no wonder that the descendants of such ‘losing’, defeated ancestors find  themselves continuing to be encumbered by the grief, fear and anger that their ancestors often died with. Here is an opportunity to do something about that...........


As you become more experienced as a body channel from practice in processing the release of emotions in individual ancestors, you may gradually become astonished at the exceptionally powerful releases you are experiencing. This is likely to be a sign that you have moved towards representative, rather than individual, work, and are helping to process the energetic release of groups who, historically suffered a similar fate, like victims of war, clearances or sexual abuse......


Trust that you will not be faced with a greater task than you are ready to deal with, and that whatever help you require will come to assist you. You may have remarkable experiences with figures of Light who will appear spontaneously to support you.

The Release of Fear and Grief
Allow fear and grief to be released in the ways described in the ‘Before Embarking on the Work’ section (see page 5). However powerful, just allow them to flow through you, recognising that they are not your own fears but that you are allowing them through in service to another who no longer has a body. Continue until you feel that, for that time, the release is complete. The facilitator is there to look after you and to be directive if necessary, reminding you that you have done a valuable piece but that you do not have to do it all. Others are also making their contribution, and it will all be cleared eventually.......

Because ‘terror’, both casual and deliberate, has been such a prominent weapon used by those wanting to be coercive for so long all over the world, there are few sensitive people likely to be unsusceptible to both fear and grief of an extreme kind – recognise that it will be a long process to clear it all, and just do what you can.

Grief has been especially experienced by indigenous people dispossessed of the ancestral lands on which they have traditionally relied, and to which they are spiritually and emotionally attached, but equally, peasantries in Britain and Europe have been harried for centuries by more powerful land-owners. The grief felt by the tragic  and wasteful loss of communities, family members, including babies and children, has been cumulatively overwhelming.

Those attuned to Nature in all its diverse and precious variety have, over centuries, had to endure progressive and heart-breaking  losses, even extinctions. Small wonder if we – and they – find themselves expressing an extremity of grief.

The Complications of Releasing Anger
More sophistication, however, in the form of the very highest spiritual development, is necessary for the effective release of anger. Just ‘getting it out’ does not, by itself, resolve anything – in fact, it may make matters worse..........

The pitfalls of difficulty around anger were suggested very long ago by Aristotle :-

Can I stress that what is necessary here is Inner Work – not acting out – in the process of which anger needs to be transformed into loving and constructive energy, rather than being merely ‘released’. This is what  spiritual adepts – or real statesmen as distinct from mere politicians - have trained themselves to accomplish. To do this, the body will need to become the equivalent of an alchemical container – able to hold and consult the anger to identify what it teaches – so that the body in question is not possessed by the anger, but has mastery over it.

The most valuable insight of anger is the perception of injustice, and there can be a basic instinct towards violence as a solution, but if the Higher Mind is in control, guidance towards a wiser way forward is more likely to prevail.

This does not mean there is no value in acting out – so long as it is done consciously within the therapeutic space – there it can be a great relief to hit and kick to one’s heart’s content! – go for it! – but to determine how you will actually behave once the surge of anger has passed, the capacity to detach from it is also necessary.

To help cultivate the sophisticated kind of detachment necessary to work in this way I would strongly recommend a meditation on ‘The Solarized Mind’ devised by William Meader – he has given me permission to reproduce it here.

To purchase the MP3 Download of the Solarized Mind Meditation from William Meader’s website will cost you $5 – but, in my view, $5 will never have been better spent !

So – there are two contrasting stages required for the successful release of an ancestor held on the earth plain because of being consumed or dominated by justified anger – firstly the physical release offered by allowing the anger out, by psychodrama within the therapeutic space, and then detaching from that anger so that it does not continue to fuel aggression in the descendant now. It needs to be transformed into assertiveness instead.

It is because this is so hard to do that conflicts have escalated so easily and endless ‘unforgivable’ tit-for-tat exchanges have developed in so many parts of the world, frequently whipped up by less-than-wise political leaders, and to the despair of peace-makers.

The counselling dialogue with such an angry ancestor, still intent on heroically fighting to his last breath in an attempt to be a ‘winner’ can focus on such questions as :-

How can Justice and Peace best be served?
What needs to be recognised about your situation that hasn’t been?
If answers and principles have been arrived at by the United Nations why is it that these have not so far been effective?
Isn’t it because old coercive win/lose notions are still operating selectively and need to be transformed everywhere?
Having every voice heard turns out to be key again – everyone has a right to be listened to – it is the ultimate Human Right

The main question to ask those who continue to promote armed aggression and violence is Does it work?!
Just get them to look at the world as it is when such ‘solutions’ dominate – aren’t these places of destruction, devastation and widespread despair?

Is this The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible?


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