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Ancestral Wildwoods Multidimensional Ancestral Healing
Jen Kershaw


Before embarking on this work

1. Unless you are very experienced, do not embark on this work alone

2. Establish psychic protection appropriate to the level of work you are doing

3. Take on board some basic principles about processing experiences in the BODY

4. Take on board some reassurances about death.

5. Be aware of a simple structure to the clearing process that will help you keep your bearings and enable you to move or guide seamlessly through it.

1. Someone to Work With Find a partner of similar experience to work with, so that you can mutually support one another, and share and learn together – much of it will be sharing interesting stories of family history initially. Working with just one other person can be enough, but others can join you so that a small group may meet regularly to develop and deepen what you do. Once started you may well be part of an on-going developmental and healing process which has its own momentum. An experienced practitioner may take the initiative to lead if this is by mutual consent.

2. Progressive Psychic Protection Edith Fiore recommends cultivating background protection by use of the White Light Technique : here is a verbatim transcript of what she suggests –

Using your creative imagination, imagine that you have a miniature sun, just like the sun in our solar system, deep in your solar plexus. This sun is radiating through every atom and cell of your being. It fills you with light to the tips of your fingers, to the top of your head, and to the soles of your feet. It shines through you and beyond you an arm’s length in every direction – above your head, below your feet, out to the sides, creating an aura – a brilliant, dazzling, radiant White Light that completely surrounds and protects you from any negativity or harm

Familiarise yourself with this technique until you can switch it on instantaneously
I invariably start with this protective technique for general protection, but it can also be specifically enhanced. Even if you have not yet consciously experienced this, say that you have been told that there is energetic intelligence available to you from a variety of sources and that you are open to its help – from deep in the earth, for example, or as part of the Life Spirit which flows through all of Nature, from loving members of your family, either still alive or who have passed over, or from luminous figures from any one of the world’s spiritual traditions – perhaps from a guardian angel, from any Archangel, from your faith tradition or from another source known only to you. If you are experienced at working shamanically, you may already be very familiar with your own Power Animals, Guides or Masters – call on them to be there to support your work. There are no objectively ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways – you can evolve a way to protect yourself that is unique to you – trust your Higher Intuition for this..........

A wise ancestor – perhaps a grand-parent you have been especially close to – is usually more than willing to be alongside you if invited – indeed, is often longing to be invited!

Unless I am very much mistaken, you will sense much supportive Light gathering around you, and know when it is appropriate to move to the next stage – which will be to establish a Column of Light between the Worlds. This will form a safe passage for those who have been stuck on the earth plane after their passing. By this means they can be helped to move on up to the Spirit World.


Suggested Invocation which can be used for a group, small or large

Stand in a circle with hands joined

We are here to be of service
We are here to contain and hold a Pillar of Light which reaches from the depths of the Earth – even the darkest recesses of those depths – up into the Realms of Light.

We are here to be intercessors
to enable a connecting bridge to form – so that any who have passed over but have been unable to flow up to the Light may be helped to do so.

But we do not have to do this alone – there is help for each of us individually – from our own guides and ancestors – and also from a great congregation of Light Beings -
The Source and the Resource to inspire all of us -
Part of the Circle of Life

Help us not to be overwhelmed.
No one of us has to do this all alone we just have to play our part.
Then, together, we can accomplish much.

In this group there are Light Beings -
with whom we already feel a particular affinity
(Individuals can name them here in turn – They may be particular ancestors, archangels, Great Spirit, spiritual figures, aspects of the Goddess, Spirits of Place, other..........)

We invoke your presence -
to help our work at this special time we have together
So that the earth plane will be clearer of the energies which perpetuate the wounding –
From those who are not so much evil as mistaken.

Help us to promote enlightenment -
and a capacity to move away from being a damaging influence on the living in those on the other side who died in a state of shock or despair, or with a way of seeing things that is not appropriate to our times............
Help us to help them see the Light

Here is a Lighthouse –
may those who are drawn to it
have the help they need

The above is not prescriptive – just a version of the kind of spontaneous invocation that can intuitively emerge


3. The Precious Human Body We are very fortunate to be in incarnation because a form of processing and transformation is available to us that even angels do not have access to. The body is the ideal vehicle for human expressiveness: it was designed that way.

Much ‘spiritual’ teaching has unfortunately influenced us to be either fearful, suspicious or disdainful of the body.

In fact, the body is very trustworthy – it does ‘keep the score’, and you can learn to have confidence to allow it to follow its impulses – in a safe therapeutic container, of course, not just ‘acting out’! - but with the adult Higher Mind always attentive, observing, and aware of what is going forward. Under these circumstances much that is constructive can be accomplished.

Psychodrama can help here and, under the influence of story, allow you to release impulses that are held in the body – much better out than in!

By moving into an altered state, and allowing your visionary imagination to react fully, different feelings will be processed in different ways :-

GRIEF, for example, expresses itself in tears, weeping, gentle or loud crying, groaning, howling..........Intense crying is not a sign of weakness, but rather strength of feeling..........Tears have an amazing capacity to wash away or dissolve grief. Have plenty of tissues available!

With experience you will learn to recognise an initially rather scary banshee screeching as the characteristic sounds of profound transpersonal release of grief..........just allow it if it comes through – you will be doing remarkable work on behalf of your ancestors.

ANGER explodes in a powerful impulse to shout, hit and kick. Voice, arms, fists, legs can be safely encouraged to release with punches and kicks directed at towels, pillows, huge cushions. Resilient props are essential!

FEAR quivers, trembles and shakes, and utters cries – sometimes shrieks - of terror. There may be shaking in any part of the body. Don’t try to prevent the shaking as then the fear may be held forever – even for many lifetimes. But if it is released it can be finished with.

This work involves the very opposite of the British ‘stiff upper lip’!  With experience you can learn increasingly just to allow the process to happen, so that as a personality you stay out of the way but, as a soul, you quite unselfconsciously allow your body to be used in service to the process, but at the same time to be held and contained by your observing Higher Mind.

4. Guidance to help deal with the Death Process

It is probable that anyone facilitating a death process for the first time is likely to feel a little nervous!
Please may I reassure you – partly by encouraging you to read some of the literature on Near Death Experiences to familiarise yourself with the territory (if you have time to read only one, I would recommend ‘Proof of Heaven’ by Dr Eben Alexander), but mainly by sharing my own experience.

Having facilitated many sessions of Past-Life Regression over the years, I have helped many people negotiate this transition as, if you have had a past life, which you re-visit, you have also necessarily had a past death..........

If you are able to be present and aware as you pass over, the sensations which reach you are overwhelmingly those of Love and Light – of being in a place of the greatest safety and welcoming acceptance. As remnants of the life just left progressively fall away, you are transported into a place of dynamic freedom and joy – of progressive bliss – so that healing can reach into you in seemingly magical ways – through light, through colour, through sound, through infinitely loving presences, either ‘human’ or ‘spiritual’, whichever will be more beneficial for you – and ‘all manner of things shall be well’..........

My experience is that this will inevitably happen unless – unless you are so traumatised by dreadful things happening to you that you are in a state of dissociation , splitting or shock, or that you are so dominated by shames or guilts, or by learned terrors about the process that your expectations actually cut you off from what is around you. Many religious traditions, for example, have spent centuries terrorising people with stories of sin and guilt to perpetuate their coercive control – such a major mistake! – do let it go! 

Engage in persistent Socratic questioning until they have to see the evidence that is all around them, until you have successfully  cleared and released any such misapprehensions and brought healing for many wounds. Encourage even the most doubting of souls to perceive the Light deep within them – when they manage to see it they will spontaneously move further into the Light, and away...........going home..........Job done!


You might like to read my article – ‘This Holy Adventure’ – in the ‘Articles’ section of this website, towards the end – which includes some similar testimony from the distinguished violinist, Paul Robertson.


5. The Structure of the Clearing Ritual

1. Establish your sacred intention and call in protection around the work.

2. Request the help of personal spiritual help, both loving ancestors and figures of Light from spiritual realms

3. Call into being a Column of Light between the Worlds so that a clear and inviting path
is established for those who become ready to move on.

4. The heart of the work is the Counselling dialogue with whoever comes. Detailed
help will be given below.

5. Allow plenty of time for body processing to complete fully 

 6.  When they are ready to go, call for further help if necessary from higher spiritual beings. The work may well have attracted a throng of others with similarissues so all
can be encouraged to ‘go to the Light’ together.

7.  Leave the Column of Light in place – it can serve as a lighthouse – a reminder to
anyone already in that dimension that they can gravitate towards it then up....

8.  Give a final Blessing and Thanks for the work.

Advice about the roles you will take to participate in this work

In any particular session you will either take the role of facilitator or descendant.

THE DESCENDANT will decide which ancestor to work with and will be helped by the facilitator to enable the ancestor chosen to speak through the descendant, acting as a kind of channel, so that he can tell his story, complete any unfinished business, and then move on.

Listening and counselling skills will be required of the facilitator, who is there to show genuine interest in the ancestor, and to help him accomplish the above (i.e. telling his story, completing any unfinished business and moving on). Compassionate concern, imagination and creativity will be required for facilitation to be effective.

THE FACILITATOR should talk directly to the ancestor – not about him – so that the descendant comes to identify and give voice to him, losing any sense of separation.

However, a kind of simultaneous double awareness is present because, however powerful the experience of re-connecting to the ancestor’s life is – and it is sometimes very powerful and affecting! – the descendant will continue to have his Higher Self alongside as an interested observer, and will make sense of what is arising from that perspective. It is this multi-dimensional perspective which enables healing to happen for both ancestor and descendant.

If you take turns in adopting the roles of facilitator and descendant the work will deepen and become more effective as your skills develop.

Practice makes perfect!
Just learn to be a sensitive and responsive channel for feelings...
It is one of the best ways to be of service............

Having read so far, if you now feel more confident that this work is something you would like to commit to, here is another opportunity to join the register :-

Click here to access the page and complete the details
Worldwide Ancestral Healing Register


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