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Being woefully un-technological I have been relying totally on the computer expertise of my web-master, Kit Constable Maxwell, for the setting up of this website. I would like here to stress my appreciative gratitude to him - for having endless patience with such an ignoramus, and for his boundless charm and enthusiasm. His own fascinating website is here:

I would also like to acknowledge and express deep appreciation to Lyn Constable Maxwell, Kit’s wife, the renowned sculptor – for very warm encouragement and many cups of excellent coffee. Lyn has kindly allowed me to use her beautiful sculpture, ‘The Bountiful Tree’, and for it to represent the signature-image of my website. That is a great honour.

I am very fortunate to live in Britain, being able to tune in easily to the wonderful and creative BBC – but many of their programmes are now available, anytime and anywhere, with the help of BBC I-Player

I would especially like to draw your attention to the following

Who Do You Think You Are?
(Currently, no actual programmes can be seen, but there are helpful guidelines on ‘Family History : How to Begin your Family Search’)

Soul Music

Desert Island Discs

Even – The Archers!


Teachers who have dedicated their lives to making the world
a better place – for humanity and the environment

They have been dedicated, in a variety of ways, to promoting the
spiritual journey, and to the evolution of human consciousness

Websites of teachers, writers and practioners

Lhamo Dondrub

William Meader

Andrew Harvey

Anne Baring

Matthew Fox

Jude Currivan

John & Caitlin Matthews

Neil Douglas-Klotz

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Sandra Ingerman

Llyn Cedar Roberts 
Olympic Mountain Earthwisdom Circle

Charles Eisenstein

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Marija Gimbutas

Malidoma Some

Stan Grof

Websites of Organisations rather than Individuals

Sacred Activism

Creation Spirituality

Scientific & Medical Network

Kate Luxmoore &Lekan Babalola

The Ubiquity University

Ageless Wisdom Teachings

If you spot any glaring omissions that you would like me to rectify,
please let me know and I will add them........



Readers Endorsements

I appreciate the many readers who have given their endorsement to my work.

Andrew Harvey, Author "The Hope - A Guide to Sacred Activism"
Jen's work is profoundly routed in ancient truths adapted wisely from the challenges of modern life.  I strongly recommend her for her depth of wisdom and compassion and real skill.

Dr Jude Currivan. Cosmologist, healer and author of The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation
We are at a critical time when as Jen states, the future of humanity and perhaps Mother Earth herself, hang in the balance.

At this pivotal moment, leading edge science is reconciling with universal mystical traditions to reveal the unified nature of reality. Whilst its appearance of separation enables the underlying unity to express, explore and experience differentiation and diversity; such separation is not real.

Whilst our forgetting of this essential truth has dis-membered our psyche and brought us to the edge of collective catastrophe – we now have the opportunity to re-member who we really are and heal the traumas that we carry and whose release and resolution can liberate us to do so.

Thank you Jen, for offering us this very timely and important website and resources to support us on our journey of homecoming.

 William Meader -  an influential and respected international teacher of the Esoteric Philosophy — also known as “The Ageless Wisdom”

Overall, it looks really good, and certainly conveys needed information at this time in human history.

Sharon Mehdi - Author; Certified Healing Touch practitioner/ instructor; Reiki Master; Healing Fear and Forgiveness workshop facilitator; Certified Past-life Regressionist; Certified Life Between Lives Regressionist

"I have known Jen Kershaw for more than a decade, and witnessed her profound, often ground-breaking, work in helping heal this weary world of ours.  Jen is truly an Earth Steward who focuses on the highest good for all concerned.  I trust her and the guidance she receives along the way. I'm excited about her new project and intend to take part."

Alexandra Ratcliffe- teacher, writer and speaker on political and humanitarian issues.

Congratulations on creating a comprehensive, clear website of extraordinary breadth. It is often said, with irony, that the path to heaven is paved with good intentions. The fact is: it is. Jen’s intention here in this creation and in her life’s work, is to help and to heal. For those interested in exploring this path, they will find much within this altruistic and generous offering.  May her work and sincere efforts add some light to a troubled world.

David Lorimer : Programme Director - Scientific and Medical Network

A significant contribution to planetary healing so necessary in our turbulent times.

Alexandra Wilson : Interfaith Minister and beginning-and-end-of-life Doula

I love it Jen; what a labour of love and devotion ❤ I shall be joining you in spirit on 20th xxx

Tobias Kaye : Creator and Maker of Sounding Bowls : see

My hearty congratulations on a deeply heart-centred and clearly pondered website. I think it is very beautiful and will be spreading it.

Robert Montagu : Inspiration behind the Family Counselling Trust, which started in Dorset and is spreading into neighbouring counties.

You have been one of the great inspirations in my life and I commend your spirit to our associates in Somerset who are building some protection around children in Glastonbury and surrounding areas.


And finally, while offering no disrespect to my previous ‘endorsers’, I must confess that my favourite one has come from my inimitable brother-in-law, Barry Sutcliffe, who was an editor in his own publishing business – now retired.

With particular thanks to him for giving me permission to include this!

From an email received on 20 Jan 2018, the date my website was launched -

As you know, I come from a mental space which is crudely constructed from bits and pieces torn out of charity shop paperbacks and life’s discarded lingerie catalogues, clumsily sellotaped together. Inside it there’s plenty of sound and fury but it’s lashed, as my old chum Shakespeare would readily concur, to the potent suggestion that I need to try harder on the coherence front.

So I admit that I’m left a bit in awe and dribbling slightly when an entire world view hoves unexpectedly into view. My horizon tends to be framed by things like venison tagine recipes and getting to grips with why quantum particles have a 405 degree rotation. I tend to be happiest when an inner tube burst comes along to be fixed. I guess it’s the reason why when spiritual matters crop up my default state tends to favour awe rather than engagement. It’s probably also the reason why I’m faced with ideas like human redemption I tend to give them the curve ball treatment. 

But do also hope that I have the capacity to see other people’s greater generosity of spirit for what it is, and at least do what I can to help ensure it has a safe space in which to flourish.

There’s a huge amount of work and thinking and care on your website, Jen. And I'm genuinely in awe of what you’ve been able to do. While I’m destined to niggle away pointlessly with lines of rhetoric here and there, it’s good to know that better people than me are prepared to commit themselves in the real world of beliefs and personal interaction and, indeed, dare it say it, hope. 

Well, I did dare. But in doing so I see that I’ve already used too many words that I can find a bit awkward to re-read if they’ve come from me. So time, I think, to slip back under my comfort blanket, and what better way to do it than with a call to arms for limoncello. I have some in one of my kitchen cupboards right now, together with a bottle of demi-sec sparkling Vouvray intended for last year’s Boxing Day lunch that never was. It’s surely the gender-ambiguous Touraine cousin of Cremant de Loire. I shall pop a cork or two in your honour without further delay.


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