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Level One - Ancestral Clearing

Practical Guidance for One-to-one work with Individuals

I believe that anyone who follows the above advice in terms of preparation, can enter into this level of helping distressed ancestors to heal and move on into the Light, even without previous experience. The very experience of doing so will be an enlightening and revelatory one.

It will benefit both oneself and one’s ancestor. If many commit themselves to this practice, over time the earth plane will be more free of stuck and congested energies. With altogether clearer and more healthy energies, two things will happen – the most debilitating of our collective addictions and violence will lose some of their power, as will political systems whose roots are in fear, suspicion and antagonism, and also our capacity for loving-kindness and compassion will grow.

So – ready to embark?!  Even if you were an orphan, or ‘illegitimate’, you do have a family ancestry and will be impacted by this aspect of your history.

Do have a journal ready to make notes about this work as it progresses.........

No-one knows you from the inside better than you know yourself! Now is the time to go on a sensitive and compassionate inner search – to identify honestly, and reflect upon, any personal issues you are struggling with.

If there are so many that you don’t  know where to start, decide on just one and focus on that – you can gradually, and only when you feel ready, choose another, and another............this is not work to be rushed.

It is very likely that you, as a living soul, have inherited your problems, at least in part, from the complications of your ancestry.

Of course, you have not only inherited problems – you have inherited strengths and positive gifts as well: so it is well for you to remind yourself of these first, so that you can start with a glass half-full.

Call initially on the one who has most affirmed you in your life, who has made you feel understood, contributed most to your self-esteem and made you feel not only acceptable, but capable and valuable in your own distinctive way. Rehearse what you feel grateful for and appreciative of in your life.

By this means you are likely to identify a helpful and supportive ancestor on whom you can call regularly to support this work: thank them for being there for you.

Enter a meditative space before you slowly consider these questions  –  include any half-remembered events that begin to come to you intuitively.......

My name is

I am descended on my father’s side from

His nationality is

I am descended on my mother’s side from

Her nationality is

My ethnicity is

Scan in your mind how much you already know of your family history. How far back can you go?

Have any family myths or rumours come down to you

Have you inherited any family possessions from earlier generations?

Do you have any documents or photographs?

Do you know where your ancestors lived? Either generally (country or town?) or  specifically (actual house?) Allow yourself to imagine them there

Do you know, or can you deduce, which historical events they were involved in?

Was any spiritual tradition taught and followed in your family?

What attitudes and beliefs would have been communicated to you because of being part of this tradition? 

Was any occupation or talent prevalent in your family?

Are you prepared to do some research to learn of additional family members and flesh out their stories 

Allow any thoughts and feelings that arise to impinge on you

Depending on your sensitivity, it may be that an ancestor, of whom you may have been unaware, will come to you and communicate spontaneously – or you may have to go searching and researching – experiences can be very individual....

Just note whatever comes, and go with the flow.........

If there is little flow, go searching

Since most of us are highly sensitive to injustice, it might help you to consider the following list of Human Rights from the Universal Declaration which emerged in the period of enlightenment after the Second World War. Tuning into each in turn might lead you directly to an ancestor for whom that right was denied. That could be a very fruitful place to embark on Level 1 or 2 work.........their sense of injustice might well be an indicator of unfinished business from that lifetime

Summary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 01

Right to Equality

Article 02

Freedom from Discrimination

Article 03

Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security

Article 04

Freedom from Slavery

Article 05

Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment

Article 06

Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law

Article 07

Right to Equality before the Law

Article 08

Right to Remedy by Competent Tribunal

Article 09

Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Exile

Article 10

Right to Fair Public Hearing

Article 11

Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty

Article 12

Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, Home & Correspondence

Article 13

Right to Free Movement in and out of the Country

Article 14

Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution

Article 15

Right to a Nationality and the Freedom to Change It

Article 16

Right to Marriage and Family

Article 17

Right to Own Property

Article 18

Freedom of Belief and Religion

Article 19

Freedom of Opinion and Information

Article 20

Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association

Article 21

Right to Participate in Government and in Free Elections

Article 22

Right to Social Security

Article 23

Right to Desirable Work and to Join Trade Unions

Article 24

Right to Rest and Leisure

Article 25

Right to Adequate Living Standard

Article 26

Right to Education

Article 27

Right to Participate in the Cultural Life of Community

Article 28

Right to a Social Order that Articulates this Document

Article 29

Community Duties Essential to Free and Full Development

Article 30

Freedom from State or Personal Interference in the above Rights

Alternatively, here is an inventory of conditions, some of them traumatic, which have been found likely to result in pronounced  traces which, as a descendant,  you may detect in your energy field – tune into each in turn and note which you resonate with :-

Never married
Childless marriage
Divorced or stayed single
Married someone from another race
Involved in bigamy or multiple affairs

Secret relationship i.e. gay or lesbian
Victim of physical violence in the family
Committed incest or sexual molestation
Victim of assault, rape or torture
Mother who died in childbirth

Illegitimate children
Adopted children
Aborted, miscarried or still-born children
Premature death of an infant or child
Chronic lifelong physical illness

Died prematurely, cancer, heart 
disease or major illness
Eating disorders i.e. obesity or anorexia
Crippled at birth or deformed
Crippled by accident or illness
Put in an institution for madness or psychosis

Mental retardation i.e. mongolism
Chronic lifelong psychological illness 
Suffered borderline personality
Psychic or mediumistic personality
Religious convert: cult follower, fanatic, monastic life

Major failure in work, profession or 
business or unemployment
Constant money problems and debts
Either poverty or great wealth
Gambling problems
Alcohol or drug abuse

Criminal or underworld life
Person imprisoned for major crimes
Black Sheep 1 – person never talked about
Black Sheep 2 – person excluded due to scandal

Skeleton in Closet – person involved in family secret
Person who emigrated to a foreign country
Political collaborator or secret agent
Social/political Victim 1 – refugee or exile
Social/political Victim 2 – political prisoner

Concentration camp or torture
Death from accident, war, murder or suicide
Any other issue or distinctive feature or life pattern

Construct as full a family tree as you can, printing the names of those you actually knew, and writing the names of others. As you do so, you will probably sense residues that have been, possibly unconsciously, handed down from previous generations of your family or from one ancestor in particular. Underline in a colour code those who have had specific life experiences likely to generate unfinished business. This process will draw your attention to specific ancestors that it may well be valuable for you to work with. You may intuitively know exactly who you need to work with first – go with this instinct.

The Counselling dialogue which arises between you will constitute the heart of the work. Below you will find guidance on how to do this at each stage of the process – but you may soon find that your own creativity and intuition readily guides you in what it will be helpful to say – there is no single ‘right’ way.........

There are, however, some basic principles to bear in mind. The facilitator should talk directly to the ancestor, not about him, and the descendant will be acting as a kind of channel, opening and being aware of the ancestral field, so that the ancestor can tell his story. The descendant should allow words to flow through and feeling to express in as free-flowing a way as possible, without censorship or commentary. The psychic memory that you carry can be accessed as far back as is necessary for healing.

Having made all the above preparations, meet to share what has come to you so far with the partner or small group you have arranged to work with.

General Principles of how to Counsel those who come

1. Eliciting the Story

 In a kindly and loving manner, invite them to tell their stories – just be genuinely interested!  I’m here to listen...........
I want to talk to you..........

What are you unfinished with?    Who do you need to talk to?  What do you need to say? Is there anything you need? (Such as a ceremony....or re-assembly of a mutilated body........)
They may be hiding because traumatised and need to be coaxed to talk at all........
If they are exceptionally angry or distressed – something terrible must have happened if you are so angry or upset – try to tell me – or show me – what has happened.
They may put on a big show, clearly designed to frighten you, but it will just be to test you. Call their bluff!  Just say that you know what they are doing and that you are not frightened...I really do want to hear what has happened to you, however terrible it is........It’s actually over now.......
In my experience, ‘demonic’ rage, cursing, spells or threats of jinxes, come from being overcome and powerless when feeling rage at injustice or disappointment – do try to tell me what happened – take your time.....

2. Allow time for the release or completion of unfinished emotions

Allow your body to be used for this processing

3. Help them to realise they are dead if they haven’t realised, and that it is time – and safe - to move on

They are in the wrong place, still being on the earth plane, and might be causing harm to both self and host. If they have fears about ‘Hell’ reassure them – there is no such place of punishment – you will be in a perfect body

4.  Help them to recognise and acknowledge why they have come

Why are you with X?  Did you come for your benefit or for theirs, or for both? Was it because you sensed an opportunity to be helped, or because you had something to communicate to your descendant? Tell them what it is.........

5. As you sense they are becoming ready to go ‘to the Light’ or to ‘go up’

Look around for whoever they most want to see again, for an especially wise and loving ancestor – perhaps a parent or grand-parent - or for Masters, Guides or Higher Spiritual Beings known to you who may be waiting to welcome them.

Look around also for other spirits who may have been attracted to the work and see an opportunity for themselves too. Encourage them to go together.

6. Healing for the Descendant

Be guided by the descendant about which power animals, Masters, helpers, healing light or energy, or other Transpersonal powers may be brought in to assist with healing. Whatever is for the Highest and Best outcome for the individual.

7. Go in peace, with blessings for both participants

If the ancestor is entirely ready to go the departure will just happen spontaneously there and then, but s/he may wish to wait for a whole group process of release and ascent. So descendant –. You have done all that is necessary – you don’t have to carry his/her story any more.

 Let them go to the light with their helpers. Say goodbye and wish them well: see that your unhappy ancestor is in good hands now. You have done all that you can to help. If you wish you can say a prayer for him/her later, light a candle, do a ritual..........

8. Time of Reflection and Integration for the Descendant.

Now that you have had an opportunity to enter into the challenges and dilemmas – sometimes even traumas – of your ancestor’s life – and to release some of the pain, fear, grief and/or guilts associated with it – are you now in a better position to understand some of your own problems better?
Are you now more likely to be able to relinquish any addictive (often in itself damaging) behaviour that was designed to protect you from pain you were not ready to face directly?
Are you now in a position to appreciate better some of the opportunities and freedoms of your own life, knowing these were denied to your ancestors?
Has this experience made you think? Are you now in a position to choose to live your life more truly and truthfully, motivated by love, and in a way that disadvantages or takes advantage of nobody?
Can you now let go of any old grievances that are actually OVER? – and to look forward with more optimism to the future?
If there is still any injustice in any part of your life, can you determine to protest against it articulately and with determination – but without dishonesty, bitterness or violence?

What other conclusions have you drawn from this remarkable experience?
And how will they impact on your life in the future?


Can I remind you that if you have embarked on this process and have become muddled or stuck, you can contact
me for a one-to-one helpsession. I offer this at £40 an hour.  Please email me on the contact sheet on page 04.


If you continue to research your family tree, becoming progressively more and more familiar with the ups and downs of history your ancestors have lived through, as you help them complete the unfinished business of their lives and clear any negative residues, they will be able to move on from the Earth plane – and your own energy will become progressively clearer. 

As you work, familiarity with your ancestors’ stories is likely to help you be conscious of ways in which they have been unconsciously influencing you – whether in terms of irrationally pronounced fears or other feelings, of addictive patterns, of particular tastes, interests or occupations which you may share, or patterns of relationship dynamics which you recognise. You may even find you are carrying a physical susceptibility in a particular part of your body because of an old wound you have been unconsciously affected by. It is likely to clear as you bring it up to awareness

A Meditation from Mother Teresa

Love as inspiration for undertaking
                     this work

Love does not grandstand.
Like water, it is humble and unstoppable.
Love does not try to fix the whole world
It is enough to plant seeds of kindness and justice
everywhere we can.
I never look at the masses as my responsibility.
I look at the individual.
I can only love one person at a time.
Just one, just one..
So you begin – I begin.
I pick up one person.
Maybe if I didn’t pick up that one person
I wouldn’t have picked up forty-two thousand
The whole work is only a drop in the ocean.
But if I didn’t put that drop in,
The ocean would be one drop less.
Same thing for you, same thing in your family
Same thing in the community where you live.
Just begin..........one, one, one.


Such personal work with individuals can continue for a long time, giving great benefit both to the descendant and to the family field to which both the descendant and the ancestor belong.

As you practise, you will also become more skilled at the process and the work will deepen so that you naturally move towards Level 2 work. The result is likely to be that, quite spontaneously, you move from the personal into the collective – you will find yourself doing work that helps not only your own family, but that is representative work for many who lived through similar experiences.

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