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Recommendations from my Library

Relevant aspects of Jungian  Psychology
Jung’s Red Book and the Red Book Reader’s Edition
Jung : Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Jung : Man and his Symbols
Jung : The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Anne Baring : The Dream of the Cosmos and Soul Power
Roger Woolger : Other Lives, Other Selves
Edward F. Edinger : Ego and Archetype
V.Walter Odajnyk : Gathering the Light : A Psychology of Meditation
Marion Woodman : The Owl was a Baker’s Daughter
Marion Woodman : Addiction to Perfection
Barbara Hannah : Active Imagination
Barbara Hannah : Striving towards Wholeness
Frances G,Wickes : The Inner World of Choice
Jean Shinoda Bolen : Goddesses in Everywoman and Artemis
June Singer : Boundaries of the Soul
Mara Sidoli : When the Body Speaks : Archetypes in the Body

Other aspects of Depth Psychology
Stan Grof and Christina : The Stormy Search for the Self
Stan Grof : The Holotropic Mind
Stan Grof : When the IMPOSSIBLE happens
Stan Grof : Healing our Deepest Wounds
Christopher M. Bache : dark NIGHT, early DAWN
Arnold Mindell : Sitting in the Fire
Arnold Mindell : Process Mind
Robert Assagioli : Transpersonal Development
John Rowan : The Reality Game - A Guide to Humanistic Therapy
John Firman and Ann Gila : Psychosynthesis : A Psychology of the Spirit
John Firman and Ann Gila : The Primal Wound
Thomas Zinser : Soul-centered Healing
Helen Luke : Dark Wood to White Rose (Transformation in Dante)

Shamanic Teachings
Michael Harner : The Way if the Shaman
Sandra Ingerman : Soul Retrieval
Ingerman and Wesselman : Awakening to the Spirit World
Joan Parisi Wilcox : Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge
Elizabeth B.Jenkins : Initiation
Joan Halifax : Shamanic Voices
Alberto Villoldo : Shaman Healer Sage
Ed : Sandner and Wong : The Sacred Heritage
Chamalu : The Gate of Paradise : Secrets of Andean Shamanism
Dhyani Ywahoo : Cherokee : Voices of our Ancestors
John G.Neihardt : Black Elk Speaks
Ed McGaa, Eagle Man : Mother Earth Spirituality
Jean Liedloff : The Continuum Concept
Carol Schaefer : Grandmothers Counsel the World
Malidoma Some : Of Water and the Spirit and Healing Wisdom of Africa
James Hall : Sangoma – My Odyssey into the Spirit World of Africa
James Cowan : Aborigine Dreaming
John Perkins : Psychonavigation and The World is as you Dream it
Robert E.Ryan : Shamanism and the Psychology of C.G.Jung
Narby and Huxley : Shamans through Time : 500 Years
Serle Chaoman : Of Earth and Elders

About Death
Sogyal Rinpoche : The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Christine Longaker : Facing Death and Finding Hope
Betty J.Kovacs : The Miracle of Death
Sukie Miller : After Death : Mapping the Journey
Joann Fletcher : The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying
John Casey : After Lives : A Guide to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
Carol Zaleski : Otherworld Journeys : NDE Mediaeval and Modern
Kenneth Ring : Lessons from the Light
Kenneth Ring : Heading toward Omega
Stephen Levine : Meetings at the Edge/Healing into Life and Death
Megory Anderson : Sacred Dying : Rituals for Embracing the End of Life
Phyllida Anam-Aire : A Celtic Book of Dying

Relevant Spiritual Teachings
Bede Griffiths : A New Vision of Reality
Andrew Harvey : A Journey in Ladakh/The Direct Path/The Essential Mystics/Hidden Journey/The Way of Passion – A Celebration of Rumi/The Hope – A Guide to Sacred Activism
Kenneth Hanson : Words of Light (Wisdom from the Dead Sea Scrolls)
Matthew Fox : One River, Many Wells/Original Blessing/The Coming of the Cosmic Christ/Natural Grace (with Rupert Sheldrake)/Christian Mystics/ Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen/Hidden Spirituality of Men
Alan Watts : TAO : The Watercourse Way
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan:Thinking like the Universe:Sufi path of awakening
Laleh Bakhtiar : Sufi : Expressions of the Mystic Quest
Neil Douglas-Klotz : Desert Wisdom
Jack Kornfield : A Path with Heart/Seeking the Heart of Wisdom/The Art of Forgiveness. Lovingkindness and Peace
Kamalashila : Buddhist Meditation for Tranquillity and Insight
Tulku Thondup : The Healing Power of Mind
Peter Kingsley : In the Dark Places of Wisdom/ Reality
Jay Kinney : The Inner West (Hidden Wisdom of the West)
Eckhart Tolle : The Power of NOW/Stillness Speaks
GRS Mead : The Doctrine of the Subtle Body
Henry Corbin : The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism
Martin Buber : I and Thou
Rabbi Marcia Prager : The Path of Blessing
William Meader : Shine Forth  - The Soul’s Magical Destiny
Kathy Newburn : A Planetary Awakening (Alice Bailey)
Aart Jurriaanse : Bridges – Ancient Wisdom Revealed
Joanna Eede : We are One – A Celebration of Tribal Peoples

Emotional Processing and Bodywork
Miriam Greenspan : Healing through the Dark Emotions
Francis Weller : The Wild Edge of Sorrow : Rituals and Grief Work
Anne Dickson : Trusting the Tides : Self-empowerment through Emotions
Babette Rothschild : The Body Remembers
Van der Kolk : The Body Keeps the Score
Peter Levine : Waking the Tiger
Judith Lewis Herman : Trauma and Recovery
Donald Kalsched : Trauma and the Soul
Nancy J.Napier :Re-creating your Self : increasing self-esteem
Sue Gerhardt : Why Love Matters
Editor Tree Staunton : Body Psychotherapy

Restoring the Lost Balance between Masculine and Feminine
Anne Baring : The Dream of the Cosmos
Edward C.Whitmont : Return of the Goddess
Roger Woolger : The Goddess Within
Polly Young-Eisendrath : Women and Desire
Gloria Steinem : Revolution from Within
Bani Shorter : An Image Darkly Forming : Women and Initiation
Anne Dickson : The Mirror Within
Clarissa Pinkola Estes : Women who Run with the Wolves
Starhawk : The Spiral Dance
Adele Getty : Goddess : Mother of Living Nature
Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor : The Great Cosmic Mother
John Rowan : The Horned God
Karen Tate : Sacred Places of Goddess
Sue Lloyd-Roberts : The War on Women- and the Brave Ones who fight back
Robert Powell : The Sophia Teachings
Cynthia Bourgeault : The Meaning of Mary Magdalene
Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum : Dark Mother
China Galland : Longing for Darkness
Luisah Teish : Jambalaya
Maria Gimbutas – The Language of the Goddess

Practical Help with Processing
Winafred Blake Lucas : Regression Therapy for Professional
Vol 1 : Past-Life Therapy
Vol 2 : Special Instances of Altered State Work
Daan van Kampenhout : The Tears of the Ancestors
Russ Parker : Healing Wounded History
Thomas Zinser : Soul-centered Healing
O’Sullivan and Graydon : The Ancestral Continuum
David Furlong : Healing your Family Patterns/Illuminating the Shadow
Louise Ireland-Frey : Freeing the Captives
Edith Fiore : The Unquiet Dead
William Baldwin : Spirit Releasement Therapy


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